Therapy Session
Hope Tree counselors are prepared to help individuals and family suffering from loss, depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma and other struggles.
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 Case Management  
Hope Tree case managers are available help individuals obtain needed services and programs and ensure that services are being provided effectively.  
Teacher & Student
Hope Tree CBRS workers are trained to teach individuals the skills needed to support overall wellness and independence.
Classmates in the Library
 Peer Support  
Hope Tree Peer Support Staff are certified encourage and empower individuals in their own treatment, healthcare and recovery.   
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 Family Support
Hope Tree Family Support Partners are ready to to assist caregivers of a child with mental illness or addiction to develop skills to manage and strengthen the child and family.     
Therapy Session
 Psychological Testing
Hope Tree Psychologists know that the underlying cause of a person's problems isn't always clear. Psychological testing can offer understanding of the problem and the best way to addressit.